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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Expedition Panama

Here's a few teaser photos from my recent journey through Panama.  We explored much of the country from Panama city north to the Costa Rica border.  Along the way we found some good fishing, fun surfing, great snorkeling, delicious food and new friends.  Much of Panama is still frontier.  When you step off the tourist trial, it's a wild and rugged place with all kinds of untamed dangers.  There was some sketchy moments and crazy stories along the way.  Some of which i will share with you and some of which are better left untold.  I'll be posting more photos and the stories to go along with them soon.  So stay tuned.  

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Brent"FishPimp"Dawson said...

These are some crazy shots brother... I am glad our trip rocked and the flies worked out well for you. You really are a new pioneer in our industry and a killer film artist. Keep on rippin lips.