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Friday, September 5, 2008

Leopard Sharks

A couple weeks ago, i was invited down to the California coast to shoot some Leopard Sharks. My uncle is a renowned bee keeper and was working on a shoot for the Discovery Channel.  He mentioned to the producer that he knew of a spot that he discovered while sea kayaking where lots of leopard sharks gather.  The producer was very interested, but wanted to see some proof of the density of the sharks and weather you could film them without chumming.  

After a couple days of searching and a few good surf sessions in-between, we finally located the sharks.  Next thing i knew, i was standing in my little canoe surrounded by hundreds of leopard sharks.  Here's the resulting footage. 


Anonymous said...

That's amazing, think they'd take a fast stripped clouser?

Anonymous said...

I caught one that was 79"long and weighted 63 lbs. I have caught several over 20 lb they are a great fishting fish.

danflytr 1-30-2010