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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Super Hopper Dropper

Here's a little instructional piece i put together to help show people how to use my Hop-icator fly and the super hopper dropper system.  It's a great rig for trout fishing and takes the place of traditional indicator fishing.  The main advantages of the rig are that you can catch fish on the indicator, you don't need splitshots, it's easy to cast and it complies with team USA fishing rules.  I've been using this set up for a few years now and it has worked great in a variety of different fishing situations.  I use different sizes of hop-icators to hold up the different amounts of weight i need depending on the depth and current speed of the area i'm fishing.  I've tied a variety of weighted nymphs, mostly using tungsten.  They are the "bomb" that gets into the zone.  I don't always fish an additional dropper, but if i do, i have a variety of non weighted, more realistic flies i like to choose from.  The key to making the system work well, that's not mentioned in the video, is balancing the weight.  You have to have the right size hopper to work with different amounts of weight.  The bigger size can hold up as much as two ab shots.  The smallest one works best with one bb.  If your using the hop-icator with weighted flies, or splitshot, just experiment until you have enough weight to get your flies down near the bottom quick, without drowning the hopper.  The hop-icator is currently available in sizes, 8, 10 and 12 from Idylwilde flies along with my split wing foam hopper.  They also have four of my favorite nymph patters including the caramel and lime caddis pupa, mint chocolate nymph, Cherry chocolate nymph and three flavors of sprinkles. Best way to get your hands on these flies is to request them at your local fly shop.  If they don't have them in stock, please encourage them to make an order.  The hop-icator is a great fly for fishing out of a drift boat or wading and will float all day.  This video illustrates how i like to fish the rig, but i highly encourage getting creative and experimenting with different techniques that fit your personal fishing style.  

Video shot by Paul Water.
Edited by Mikey Wier.  See this and other instructional segments in the upcoming release of FISH EYE 4.  
Check out the flies or request a catalog at


Anonymous said...

nice, i fish the hell out of andy's indicaddis and am amazed at how much weight i can use. i've had up to 3 nymphs with 3 abs hanging off that thing. i'd like to try your fly, and the loop to loop deal is pure genius. i always end up tying hella knots to change depth. how do you tie the loops to the eye and shank?

Burl Productions said...

It's just 20 lb mono tied back over the hook, all the way down the shaft, then looped back again in the back and meeting in the middle where the first cut was tied in. I fished the Truckee and little T this week with the Trout Unlimited show. Indicator flies worked very well.turbodog720

Anonymous said...

This is sweet, and something I have been mulling over. In the last year I have had two steelhead rise up and take my indicator. One just hit it and vanished, the other (mid December) rose up engulfed my indicator and held it (jaws style) 4 casts in a row. This was a ten plus pound fish on a river I have yet to catch one on. Needless to say I was left a bit shaken. Anyways great idea with the mono loop, thank you for sharing, and hopefully I can adapt this for when I am nymphing for steelhead.


Anonymous said...

Something must be wrong with me. I am trying to imagine this set up so it's easily adjustable. A diagram might help? Someone help me! E-mail me at and I'll send you good karma.

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