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Monday, January 12, 2009

ISE San Mateo

Just back from the San Mateo ISE show.  This year Burl Productions teamed up with Big Fly Productions.  Andy Burk and i shared a booth.  Andy displayed his art and we had our videos running in the booth.  We might not have been the most lucrative booth at the show but we definitely had the most fun.  

Andy and i holding it down at the booth.  Andy's 3D paintings and glasses were a big hit with the kids.   His new Clown Trout project definitely caught some folks off guard.  
I did a FISH EYE 4 premier party at Ausiello's tavern after the show on Friday.  Had a pretty good turn out and everyone seemed to like the show.  Lots of beers, burgers, darts, pool, air hocky and general bar shenanigans.  
Jack Dennis, Mike Lawson, Andy Burk and Josh Bigelson enjoying the show.  
Big fly productions put on the best presentation around.  Adam played live music while Andy talked.  They played some funny skits shot on the truckee river and gave me a cameo spot for my Panama footage.  It was a cool show but some of the viewers didn't know what to think.  It was like nothing they had seen before at a fly show.  Most people thought they were going to get tips on how to fish the truckee river.  Big Fly rules.  Check out 



Riverguide said...

havin a beer with Lawson and Jack, that's as good as fishin' with em! Fish EYE 4, I need another fishing video :) keep up the good work!

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