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Monday, June 15, 2009

Walker Perch

East Walker is infested with perch.  They have been blowing through the dam in large numbers for months.  The only upside is that the small disoriented ones make a great meal for a hungry trout.  I really love to fish streamers in the east walker so my buddy Charlie Bisharat tied me up a couple really nice perch patterns.  When the time was right and the light was dropping, i tied that sucker on and threw it out there in a hole where i know some huge browns hang out.  Twitch twitch twitch and wham.  I thought for sure from the strike i had a fatty brown, then all of a sudden just dead weight.  It was a dam perch!  Cannibals! I did pull a couple nice browns on streams that day, but all the perch caught was another perch.  It'll happen Charlie, i promise. 

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