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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hatcho Dan

Last week i floated the American River with JJ Plank from the Sac Sierra Chapter of Trout Unlimited. I knew there was some steelhead in the river but i couldn't resist the urge to throw a ten weight with a huge streamer instead of an indicator rig. This feisty little hatchery steelhead took a size 2/0 streamer that i was hoping to hook a striper on. I had just hooked one fish and lost him. Thinking it was a striper and there might be another one, we rowed up a bit and fished through the hole again. When this guy grabbed, i thought for sure it was a schoolie striper. He was ripping line off the 10wt like a beast. When i saw it was a trout not a bass i was really quite shocked. Kudos to you hatchery steelie.


Gabe Lopez said...


El Pescador said...

a special moment for sure. lets chase some stripes together this year.