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Friday, June 18, 2010

Ice out with Doug and Sam

Ice out is one of my favorite weeks in the Sierra's. It's a short and unpredictable window when the lakes start to thaw out and the ice begins to break through. The best time is when there is just enough open space between the shore and the ice to make a cast. As the ice melts back the fish see sun light for the first time in months. Lots of bugs that have been frozen in the ice all winter begin to appear and create a fish buffet. It's a great time to try and jump a big fish feeding close to the shore and something i look forward to every year.

Two weeks ago I managed to catch ice out just perfectly with a couple new clients. Doug and Sam Reese from Chicago I.L.
Sam at 15 is on his way to becoming a darn good angler. Here's one of many nice browns and rainbows Sam got throwing his home tied streamers from the shore.
To top the night off we stopped by a smaller lake in the area known for it's LT cutthroats. Here's Sam with a nice one. There was only 5 or 6 feet of open water between the ice and the shore. Fish were cursing right on the ice shelf and spooky so presentation was difficult.
Doug topped the night off with the fish of the day. A beautiful 24" LT.
The fish were very active the last hour of light. Cursing the ice shelf looking for any food they could find.
Even i got in on the action with a decent LT.


El Pescador said...

cruising the ice shelf. i like it!

Bernard Yin said...

Man, the stoke almost detracts from what I am guessing were some chilly hands.

Anonymous said...

poachin' heenan huh?