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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wasatch Fly Expo SF2 Premier

SF2 Premier in SLC at the Art Museum theater at BYU. The film fest was part of the Wasatch fly tying and fishing expo at the Salt Palace in Salt Lake City.
Big Thanks to Colby Crossland, Curtis Fry, Jason Haslam and Nick Jones for helping put on the event and having me come out.
Paul Swint from William Joseph was the proud recipient of a SOULFISH 1 DVD.
Show went well. Everyone had a great time. Lots of and lots of great comments about the new movie. It's was great for me, after all this work, to see it on the big screen and hear the audiences comment and see their reactions. More shows will be popping up over the next couple months. So keep an eye out in a town near you.

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