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Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Windy City Comes to Cali

 Some Photos from a recent MFA trip with Gradey and Wilderness Adventures.

 Floated the MFA with Doug and Sam Reese of Chicago IL. 
Another Beautiful Day on the Water.  Sam with the first fish of the trip.

With a thousand casts and 20 thousand Stips, Doug hooked a monster Brown. After a long battle in a deep pool, he was stoked when Grady slipped that net under her. 

That's how it goes when you get a monster Brown on the MFA. Picture Party. 
Doug found a huge chunk of Sierra Gold.  Fish of a lifetime for Doug, his biggest so far and a nice one to remember. 
We got lots of hard charging perfect finned rainbows too. They were chasing that rabbit strip streamer like hungry wolves.This one jumped over 3 feet out of the water. 
Nice little shower in a warm side creek then a jump off some rocks into the river.
Another MFA Brown.  One of the best color combinations. 

 Video Clip of Tunnel Chute.

Check out this nice fishing report from Sam Davis for his new summer job at the Chicago Fly Fishing Outfitters.


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