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Monday, November 3, 2008

On the Rise

Spent the first few days of last week up in Truckee filming with Frank Smethurst and his crew for the Trout Unlimited T.V. show, "On the Rise".  It was a great few days and from what the film crew said, some of the best fishing they have had this year!  Our local tahoe crew was Dave Lass, John Roberts, Richard Anderson, and myself fishing.  Keith Brauneis came out to shoot some still photos.  We fished with Frank for three days on the Little Truckee river.  The weather was great and the fish were happy.  We had good hatches mid day and were able to take nice rainbow's and browns on dries, nymphs and even a couple on streamers.  

The goal of the show is to entertain and also raise awareness for local environmental issues that Trout Unlimited is working to mitigate.  In this episode, while we fished the LT, we talked about trout unlimited as well as other local advocates recent efforts to close an illegal ATV trail that was creating unnecessary erosion into the LT.   The trail comes down a steep hill and leads riders into the upper meadow.  There had been many complaints of people riding bikes and ATV's through the river and creating conflicts with fisherman and guides.  Recent efforts from concerned fisherman in conjunction with TU, have gotten the trail closed.  There's so many other places to ride around the area.  It's a good compromise and balance between off roader's and fishermen.  Keep an eye out for our episode this spring on the outdoor channel.  

A big thanks goes out to Dave Lass and all his efforts in this area!!!  Check out the TU California video if you haven't already and become a TU member!  

Frank, John Roberts and Powder the dog.
Frank's the star! He's a hell of a fisherman and great advocate for the fisheries.  
Frank was putting a hurt on those LT browns.  He got a nice fish on a streamer right off the bat.
This brown really wanted to be on camera.  When i first hooked him, the camera's were busy with another shot.  I started fishing again and no more than 10 minutes later, the same fish jumped on the line again.  It was incredible!  He really wanted his couple minutes of fame.  I've only seen that happen one other time on the LT, with a client, in 10 years!!  


Anonymous said...

When a brown hits a second time you might want to make sure that you are on planet earth! - Bernard

El Pescador said...

I finally got to see this episode. Stellar!!! I thought you handled yourself exceptionally well on camera and your commentary was loaded with stewardship. I couldn't ask for anything more from an ambassador. Speaking for Patagonia Team Fish, we're proud of you.