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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

War Path Flies

Looking for some cool custom flies?  Check out some of the super custom, super deadly designs from Brent Dawson at War Path Flies.  Brent hand ties all the flies and sells direct to fisherman and shops.  Brent specializes in salt water and large game fish patterns, but also has a few key designs for trout, stripers, and large mouth.  If your planning on going on a trip, Brent likes to do customized packages for specific destinations.   I've personally fished Brent's flies in Mexico, The Amazon, Mongolia, Panama, and around California for trout and bass.  War Path was my go to source for exploratory fishing off shore in Panama.   His bugs were the only thing big enough to get the attention of the larger game fish like Tuna, Roosters, Wahoo, and Sail Fish.  They were also our go to source for Mongolia this year.  The Tamahawk jig head streamer was deadly.  We got over 90% of our Taimen on that fly alone.  Another good incentive to order from Brent is that, because all the proceeds go directly to him, he can afford to give 25% of all profits to fishing conservation efforts around California.  Keep it local, keep it hand tied and support creativity and art through fly-fishing.  

Color selections for the Tamahawk minnow.  
A few of the different styles Brent specializes in. 
These trout and bass streamers always ride hook up.  They work well as a sculpin or bull head.  
Brent's bill fish flies are unparalleled.  
Brent also makes custom flies for Shark fishing.  
The crease popper walks on water.  It's easy to throw and makes a big splash. 
For more info on War Path Flies, contact Brent directly at
or 408 836 1242


Anonymous said...

I had the chance to fish with Warpath and he was such an amazing person to be with on the Mongolian trip. His flies were some of the most innovative work I have seen in my ten years of leading trips in Mongolia. I would love to have this group come again and fish with MongoflyLLC. Jeff,Paul,Mikey,Brent,Genevieve you all were amazing fisherpeople. Thanks for making the trip. I couldn't imagine floating 140 miles on a river with any one else.
Lets do it again sometime....
Peter Mullett

mike williams said...

Love the bugs man, do ya fish for muskies? If you ever get to Pennsylvania look me up at

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