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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Granite Camo

More Granite camo photos from the high country.  

Having the right gear can make a big difference between a sucessful day and a long day of trying.  Being able to blend with your surrounding can sometimes be the ticket to fooling a stealthy brown.  
Color isn't the only factor in determining what your going to wear on a day out to the lake or river.  Think about how much your going to be casting, walking wading or climbing.  Think about being comfortable outside during varying wether conditions that can occur.  
The Soul Patrol shirt is my favorite for these types of conditions.  It's light but durable and blocks the sun while not sticking to me and making me sweat while I'm climbing or hiking.   
Photos by: Megan Smith

Here's a better look at the Patagonia Fishing 09 Catalog.  Check out all the latest styles and gear from team fish.  It's eco friendly and downloadable.  


El Pescador said...

Nice post MW. Thanks for the color support. I'm sure your community appreciates the insight. Note that the 2009 Patagonia line contains some Digi-Camo as well!

Bernard Yin said...

Darn I wanted to see you curl up into a ball and "make like a boulder". Isn't silhouette more important than color? Heh Heh ;)

Burl Productions said...

Smart ass. Being stealthy is always part of the deal. Being stealthy with a white t shirt on is different than being stealthy with Llama brown R4 fleece on in brown boulders or the sage khaki Deep Wading Jacket against the willow bushes lining the East Walker in winter. Most people need every advantage they can get. I've found the very best thing though is to always carry a life size cardboard cut out of a poplar tree and just fish from behind it where ever you go.