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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Tin Shed-Mewuk Canyon

The new Tin Shed just launched on Patagonia's website.  This installment features a short video clip from Burl Productions called Mewuk Canyon.  It's a segment from FISH EYE 4 "Through Anglers Eyes".  The video takes you along on a hiking trip deep into the backcountry of California with Dave Lass of Trout Unlimited, Rock Star Bernard Yin, Joe Nosek and Me .   We didn't know quite what we were getting ourselves into when we left.  It turned out to be one of the most brutal hikes ever!!  The hike in is about 15 miles with a 4,500 foot elevation change.  The last 4 miles there was no trail at all and we were just bush whacking and taking bear trails.   That was the easy part.  Hiking back out was the hard part.  Bernard and Joe took two days to hike out and were consequently picked up by a friend at the top of the canyon.  Dave and I stayed an extra day to fish more and ended up hiking the whole way out in one day!! Then we had to ride mountain bikes another 16 miles to where my car was parked!!!  Insane mission but well worth it to see one of California's most pristine canyons and trout that have never seen people.   

I called the segment Mewuk Canyon after the Mewuk peoples that used to live in that area.  There is evidence of their society everywhere.  Grinding stones, arrow heads and old fire rings.  You can feel the energy in air and almost hear their spirits talking to you in the wind.  It's a wild feeling.  

Make sure you check out the whole line up on the Tin Shed.  There's surfing, rock climbing, skiing and more.  Mine is probably the worst one in there.  There's a couple really nice trailers for different up coming films this year.  Lots of good work being done out there documenting our planet.  

Check it out


Riverguide said...

wow sick brownie mike! get em!

Anonymous said...

I watched the small size trailer on without sound, knowing nothing about it. Then I'm watching and going "dang, orange hat, big streamers, extreme backcountry...I swear that's Bernard." I've heard B speak of you often Mikey. Great footage, great travelog, giant fish. Way to go and good luck with Burl! And thanks for capturing the only time I've seen B lose his footing. Ever.

Michael Nuss said...
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Michael Nuss said...

Very cool. Keep up the good work!

Shannon said...

Look at that fish! Man!

So Hi! I am Shannon, Trevor's wife. He found your blog tonight! I just have to say that my kids love to watch your video. My oldest loves to watch it over and over. He wants us to go fishing SO bad this summer! He is the only one in he family that has caught anything. 6 total in our last trip! He is a natural! It would be so cool if we could all go sometime!

Ryan Kauffman said...

Dare I ask where in the Mokolumne this drainage is? hints even :-) Love the blog, keep it up!!