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Monday, August 31, 2009

Mongolia 06

Here's a few never seen before images taken by world renound photographer Corey Rich ( on our first journey to Mongolia. As i have some time i will continue to upload some of the hundreds of images captured between the different groups on both trips to Mongolia. It's a very beautiful and stark landscape that loves to be photographed. Chimbaat's Camp near the Eg River. Custom two man gears (yurts). They are tied together with woven horse hair ropes.
Evening float on the eg.
One of my first taimen. Notice the shoveled out head that allows them to hold to the bottom of the river with minimal effort. Upturned eyes allow them to see prey all the way through the water column. They are most actively hunting at night. During the day they just hug the bottom of the river and keep a close watch. If something looks good, they will chase it until it gets away or they kill it. Seldom does a taimen just come to inspect. More often that not, when they lock onto something, they commit.
Hours and hours of casting with 10 wt's and heavy flies.
Wade fishing on the Eg. It's like a long day of steelheading. Cast, Cast, Cast, step down, Cast, Cast, Cast. Only we were using giant popper instead of traditional wet flies. When you get a hit you know it. Often you see them chasing it down before the commit to the bite. Sometimes they slap it with their tail first or roll onto it to drown it. Other times it just KA-Blush!!!
Peter dropping some Chingas Vodka after a long couple day float.


Brian J. said...

so awesome. I wonder how hard it would be to get a UAZ van here....

bad fish said...

thats chock full o' goodness! how many memory cards did he go through on that trip?