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Monday, August 3, 2009

The River Time Forgot

Wild Mongolia "The River Time Forgot" from Mikey Wier on Vimeo.

In 2006 I joined Peter Mullett and Genevieve Villimizar of Mongofly travel for an overland exploratory journey through northern Mongolia.  On that trip, with the help of our Mongolian Guide Chinbat, we discovered a remote river deep in the heartland of the northern steps.   To the best of our  knowledge we became the first westerners to fish that spot.  It was one of the most beautiful rivers any of us had ever seen and a stronghold for the legendary Taimen.  After two of the most spectacular days of fishing any of us had ever enjoyed, we vowed to return.  

Two years later we did just that.  It took Chinbat two years to secure all the nesesary permissions and permits to float the river.  In the mean time, Peter and I worked on getting a fleet of pontoon boats and an oar raft over there.  We assembled a team of American Anglers consisting of Brent Dawson of, Jeff Currier of his friend Paul Cavanugh, Peter, Gen and myself.  Chinbat assembled his own team of hearty Mongolians and off we went into the unknown.  We floated over 140 miles of pristine water in 16 days.  The landscape, local people, wildlife, fish and river were incredible.  Here's a short sample of some of the footage that will be in a DVD about fly fishing for Taimen in Mongolia due out this fall.


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Brian J. said...

Wow that looks spectacular. I love the gigantic streamers!


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