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Monday, February 8, 2010

Red Fishn'

Hey Fishing Friends. Just wanted to share a few photo from this past week of fishing the Marsh in Southern Louisiana. Spent some quality time on the marsh, made some new friends and had a great time. Our trip was hosted by David Leake and Brent Boone from Tail Waters Travel Service out of Dallas Texas. We fished for five days with Capt. Bryan Carter and Capt. Shane Mayfield. Also joining us throughout the week was Brent Dawson of War Path Flies, Mike Thompson from Patagonia and Bre Cambell.
We stayed at the historic Woodland Plantation as many anglers that fish this area do. Accommodations were top notch, food was amazing and what a great place to spend a few nights drinking, eating and laughing with good friends. The owner/manager Foster made us fee like family.
My first black Drum. They look really cool when they are small.
Bryan Carter and David Leak with a 54 lb. Black Drum. They don't look quite as cool when they get big. I dubbed them the zombie fish or the swimming dead. When they reach this size the Black Drum gets all kinds of sours on it flesh and the slime is horrific. If it gets on you, it never comes off. Bryan said it's like silicon. I never understood why the guides didn't like the big Black Drum until i got to see one up close. They are like a big old zombie doomed to cruse the flats forever.
Brent Dawson with a nice Red Drum on his Whammy jig head streamer. Brent tied for several months in preparation for this trip. He showed up with an arsenal of Red Flies that you couldn't believe. If your planning at trip to the Marsh any time soon, you should think about buying some of Brent's custom hand tied flies. He has a red fish selection that is un matched anywhere.
Capt. Bryan Carter with a nice Spot Tail.
Bre with her first Red Fish. Showing the guys how it's done.
David Leake showing off a beautiful Red.
Mike Thompson knows how to get it done. Wasn't his first Rodeo. In fact the last go around in the marsh with Bryan, he got a 34 lbr.
Big Black Drum.
Capt. Bryan Carter and Capt. Shane Mayfield.


El Pescador said...

That's a great place and those are great people. Special moment.

Lazy Lopez said...

Damn, I had no idea Black Drum got that huge!

Brian J. said...

I have no idea why but fishing for Reds (and now dorado) is one thing on my list to do before I kick the bucket.

And that black drum is a serious slime bag. It's like they turn a bit carpish...

great stuff. Hope all is well!