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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Reno Fly Shop Closing

This past weekend we had a little going out of business party and inventory sale at the Reno Fly shop. It was a great gathering of local patrons, fly club members and Reno Fly Shop Staff. Sad to see Dave closing the doors after many many years of serving the fly fishing community of the greater Reno area. The Reno Fly shop will be greatly missed. Dave is going to continue to run the guide service and keep up with monthly fishing reports for the area. So stay tuned.
Darren Elmore holding down the fly bins so they didn't blow away with all the change in the air.
Tim Haddon, Jason Shields, Justin Olson, Dan LaCount and Matt Heron.
Stefan McLeod was one of the key components in helping organize this great event. He's the Truckee Trout Unlimited Chapter president and a heck of a fly fisherman. Way to go Stefan on getting all the food and beer donated!
The shop ended up having a good day at the register. Nice to see the local support. I helped clean out some of the fly tying materials.
Me, Dave Stanley and Andy Burk.
Doug, Matt, Keith, Justin, Tim, Andy, Dan, Dave and Kate.

And there you have it. Go buy some stuff from Dave if you can make it down there before the end of the month. Then it's good by forever to the Reno Fly shop.


Brian J. said...

Shit. I can't believe it-- I basically learned to fly shop by talking to the guys in that shop...

Wish I had been there... I would have splurged on some left-over polar bear...


--brian j.

Brent Dawson said...

Is this the economy Mikey that has closed this blessed shop buddy. Sorry I missed your call. Been running around with the family all over for X-Mas and its fun. Give you a shout soon bro.

Camp Creek Chronicles said...

Well at least it is good to see Andy is moving on to greener pastures trying his hand at impersonating "the dude". Sorry to hear it Reno. Placerville just lost Off the Hook as well.

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