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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Stand Up Paddle Board Fly Fishing

This past summer i started experimenting with stand up paddle board fly fishing. It's now one of my favorite ways to access the water. Here's a few shots of my friends Jon Slyvich stand up paddle board fishing and surfing in the Lower Mokelumne River this past fall.
Hooked up.
Positioning is tough with a rod and paddle. I've found the best thing to do is strap a milk crate to your board. You can store your gear in there and then use it for a stripping basket while you fish. Another good innovation for fishing is a paddle strap. That way you can sling it behind you while you fish and get at it quick to make adjustments to your position. It's very hard to do in a current situation. You need to be fast and precise.
In between fishing sessions it's fun to surf the little waves in the river. The board can also be a great way to get down most rivers without launching a raft or boat. The cheap foam top boards work best for the rivers. You don't need to worry about bumping rocks and they are very light and easy for one person to deal with and even place on top of a truck or car.

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Brent Dawson said...

fricken cool, I used to do the paddle board in small lakes a while ago with a buddy and never would have thought about a river. Once again brothers, good thinking, i love it!