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Monday, July 20, 2009

Death Ride Saturday

Joe Snyder with an East Carson Brown.   Pressure was off when he got a killer brown on his second cast.  Moments like that, i love my job.  
We had a great day on the river.  Getting lunch in Marleeville was a bit tough though.  It was Saturday of the Death ride.  On this weekend 3000 crazy road cyclist descend into this area to ride five passes and over 100 miles in one day.  The very small town of Marleeville looks like the Tour de France for this one day of the  year.  In town the streets were lined with people ringing cow bells and shouting at the riders as they went by.  Once down on the river though, all the commotion falls away.  The beautiful scenery was interrupted only occasionally by a mass of florescent colors and spandex wizzing by on the road above.  
Like Father, Like Son. 

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