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Monday, July 20, 2009

Hung Over

On Sunday every guide working for the Tahoe Fly Fishing outfitters was assigned to guide a wedding party.  We were scheduled to meet 23 people at 7 in the morning for a half day guide trip.  I was assigned to hike down into the canyon of the carson on one of the steepest trails around.  Jeff Babbitt and I got the three guys with "Fishing Experience".  They said they were up for a walk so we agreed to take them to the real waters.  Turned out they were all pretty hung over from the night before.  Like good wedding party guest should be.  After some huffing and puffing i decided to take my client for a walk up stream so Jeff could have the two killer runs near the end of the trial.  Decision paid off for Louis Gendle from Montana.  In just a couple hours of fishing he got 4 fish on dries and two on nymphs including this monster bow with great colors and nice orange fins.  Wish we got to see the one that broke off.  


Anonymous said...

That is one kick-ass fish....I am so impressed. This is good enough for a Outdoor magazine!
Peggy (The Fly) Stein

Anonymous said...

You really landed a whopper, congrats!