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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Surf Zone

A seldom taped into resource for California Fly Fisherman is the sometimes awesome, most of the time frustrating surf fishing potential for Striped Bass.   On his days off of working at Western Sports, Loren Elliott has been out chasing the stripes from some of the beaches both north and south of the golden gate.  With many days not even touching a fish, it's a hard game of paitence and reward.  All Loren's time spent and hard work pays off once in a while.  He got the top fish last night.  On a day last week, Loren pulled 3 nice stripers out before 10a.m.  He asserted that it was his best day yet.  Check out the popper caught fish on the bottom from another of his outings.  It's possible.  


El Pescador said...

Chasing stripers in the surf is habit forming....if the waves get too big then you can switch gears and get the surfboards out. Nice post and nice pix MW.

Morone Saxatilis said...

Some beautiful west coast stripahs, got to love the surf at night, especially when large bass are swimming around.

Clive said...

Awesome fish! What type of flies were used?