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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Next stop- Lake Nosser, Egypt

Heading to Egypt to fish for nile perch on lake Nosser with Jeff Currier and Brent Dawson on the 17-28th of April.

Target species, Nile Perch. The worlds largest fresh water predator.
Most fish are caught trolling with conventional gear. However there are opportunities to cast at laid up fish, such as the ones in this photo, with fly rods. Jeff Currier has been there twice and holds what might be the lake record fish on a fly.
There's also a ton of Tiger Fish in the lake. They eat a wide variety of different things.
Our camp for the week will be one of these fishing boats. You fish all day from the boat or from the shore of the lake then sleep on the boats at night. There's a mother ship where community meals are served in the morning and evening.
Stalking fish from the shore is the preferred method for fly rodders.
Lake Nosser near Asawan Egypt. Sight fishing for huge fish in an exotic location. Sounds like my kind of adventure.

Patagonia On-line fly fishing catalog

New Patagonia On-line fly fishing catalog just released. New on-line format helps save paper and resources that would normally be used by shipping thousands of paper catalogs. Check out cool videos and audio commentary that help describe the products and some of the people who use them.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Adam Barker Photography-Belize 2010

Belize images shot by Professional Photographer Adam Barker of Salt Lake City U.T.
Silver King.
Ryan Hawks does battle with the Silver King.

My first decent permit with nice evening light.
Underwater Beauty. Belize has miles of alive and very beautiful reef.
Permit release.
Permit food.
Running through the mangrove.
Another beautiful sky moment. The light changes so many times through out the day. Clouds provide the drama.
A giant Tarpon i hooked on the last day takes to the air. Tarpon are so bad ass.
The golden hour.
Jamie Connelly stalks and hooks a beautiful permit as guide Deano looks on.
The best souvenir.

Belize 2010

Belize 2010 Mother ship trip with Mike , Ryan Hawks, Adam Barker, Jamie Connolly, Carl Bellovich and Myself. Hosted by Mike  and Ryan Hawks. Organized through Don Muelwrath at Fly Fish Belize. With hard working guides Nato Verde, Noel Westby and Dean Mayers and Carol Young cooking wonderful meals.
The Rising Tide mother ship. Home for ten days.

Mike and Ryan Hawks getting ready for another long day of patrolling the flats for Tailing Permit.
Mike with an epic permit. Topping off his Grand Slam day. As he hooked this fish another huge Permit popped up and started tailing right next to us. Never fails.
Noel Westby running to the next flat.

My first good Permit on a Crab fly i had tied when i was in Belize 4 years earlier and never got to fish. Fished all day and finally got a good shot in the last 20 minutes of light.
Ryan Hawks with a nice permit he got wading. We pulled up on a f lat first thing in the morning and a school of tails popped up. Ryan got out of the boat and stalked them down. Made a good shot and hooked up. We picked him up off the flat and chased the fish down into the deep water.
Conch for dinner. Picked em up as we fished.
Mike Casting to some tailing Bonefish.

Keep an eye out down the road for some footage of Mike's grand slam in SOULFISH 2.