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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Little Truckee Float

Well, this one might stir some emotions in a few people but what can you do. This spring Daren Elmore and i floated the Little Truckee River! It was late spring and the river was running at over 1000 CSF. Daren is the California Rep for Scientific Anglers, Umpuqa, Buff and Air Rafts. He had a 9 foot raft that we figured would be perfect for a little jaunt down the LT. I always thought it would be fun to float just for grins and giggles if for no other reason. Luckily it was one of those days where there wan't a million other anglers down there to yell at us. In fact, we had the whole river to ourselves which is a rare occasion these days on the LT even at those flows.
Droppin in at the upper lot.
LT brown on the Jig Nasty streamer.
Daren Working a run.

Casting Call 2011

Casting Call is a joint effort between Trout Unlimited and Cal Trout to raise awareness at the California state capital for fresh water fisheries conservation. Learn more at and

Back in action.

O.K., here's the deal. I haven't been posting much on this blog over the summer. This spring i got busy with guiding a bunch and pretty much stayed busy all summer and fall. Between guiding, producing another big movie project and all the other side work it takes to keep both businesses running, I've just plane been crunched for time. I've got a tone of photos, videos and stories that i need to start getting up on here to get caught up. So i'm going to try and make it a point to start uploading again. Stay tuned for lots of goodness from this summer and fall. And i'll try to keep up a bit better over the winter.

Thanks for your interest and or support to anyone who comes once in a while to check in.

Mikey Wier

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Middle Fork two-day float trips.

Middle Fork American River Ruck-A-Chuck Falls. Class 5 white water at the end of the upper middle fork run.
Tunnel Chute rapids start off the first day with a good rush. Class 4 white water with class 5 consequences. You've got to have good rafting gear and know what your doing to attempt this one. Keeps most recreational fisherman out of the run.
Last chance drop is a class 3 hole that you have to make just before tunnel chute or you could be in for a very wild swim.
In between rapids theres some great streamer water. Cold clear and full of wild healthy trout. All fishing gear has to be stashed for the bigger rapids.
River camp. Good food, drinks and good times.

The middle for holds a healthy population of wild browns. On the two day float you get to fish the river at the prime times in the evening and mornings.

Lots of beautiful wild rainbows. Hard fighting and fun to catch on streamers or single barbless spinners.
This trip is not recommended for beginner fly-fisherman. You have to be able to throw heavy streamers in fast current while bobbing around in a raft. You have to be able to tie on your own flies and fix your own leaders and tangles. The oars man has to be on the stick at almost all times during this fast paced float. There are times when we can stop and help out with gear. Eddies provide good placement for fishing but navigating current takes almost constant attention from the guide. All we can do is point out the good shots as we go by.

You only have one shot at many of the good seams and riffles. Heavy flies get down in the zone quickest but are hard to throw and can break rods. Another average rainbow taken on my jig nasty streamer fly.
Terry with a nice brown taken on a heavy streamer and sink tip line.
Hard work can sometimes pay off with the fish of a lifetime. The middle fork has the potential to produce such a fish.
My outcast pack 1300 set up.
Gradey and his 13 foot sotar white water raft/fishing set up and another very nice Middle Fork Brown. Up to the second freckle form the shoulder.

I'm now rowing trips with Gradey of Wilderness Adventures. We offer two and three day rafting and fishing trips. Spin or fly, single barbless hook and all catch and release from our boats. Catered grommet food and shuttle service included. $600 per angler for a two day trip. $850 per angler for a 3 day trip. 3 anglers minimum, 6 anglers maximum. Limited dates available depending on flows. Monday-Friday starts only. We can offer exclusive fishing put in and take out options where we don't have to run the Tunnel Chute or Ruck-a-chuck falls. Call us or drop an e-mail to experience this amazing west slope fishery this summer. or

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

FISH SCHTICK interview

Had an interview this week on the fish Schtick. Great show, check it out if you have a minute.

Friday, June 17, 2011


Silver Lake just broke and Caples is just thawing enough for some casting space between the shore and the ice. This is the prime weekend to come up and fish Ice Out!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

MF American Float 6.1

Chris, Gradey and Tom ready for action.
Tom fishing the wall.
Fatty Bowski.

Big Head Brown.

Kanaka Falls.
Gradey and Tom surviving the drop.

Tom Bartos manages Horseshoe Bar Fly Fishing and Game preserve on the Middle Fork American.

Check em out if your ever interested in doing a fun float on the Middle American.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

EW guide trip

Had a couple fun guide trips last week on the East Walker River. Flows were up around 400csf and the fishing was great. Here's a few photos of clients Tim Bennett and John Lotter from the bay area.
We went over some nymph fishing techniques in the morning and before too long the mends and drifts were looking good and we started hooking some fish.
The action was steady all day but Tim was the end of the day VIP. He landed a few really nice browns in the last hour home stretch.
Another nice brown in the net.
John with another beauty.

If your interested in doing some guided fishing in the Lake Tahoe area this spring, summer or fall, drop me a line.

For contact info check out:

Saturday, May 21, 2011


I'm happy to announce that SOULFISH 2, FISH MODE is now available on DVD. This ultimate fly-fishing adventure DVD is a must have for anyone with a fishing DVD collection. It's a feature length (90 min.) movie with fishing stories from around the world. Order your copy today at

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Cold spring day.

A collection of photos shot by Collin Carlson while on a recent day fishing with him and Paul Swint up in Wyoming.
Fighting a nice bow.
Cheery Chocolate nymph was a slammer in this spot. Couldn't keep those bows off it.

We caught one beautiful bow after another in this spot. They were stacked in this pool.
Got a couple decent splake too. This one grabbed a big streamer fished deep.
Beautiful gill plate coloring.
Paul Swint from William Joseph with a nice bow.
The man, Collin Carlson with another of his many nice rainbows.
Yep, you guessed it, another rainbow trout.
Man this was a cold day. At some points were waded through knee to waist deep snow just to get to fishing spots. Had to break ice off the guides of the rod every few casts. Brutal cold conditions but worth it 100%. Big thanks to Collin and Paul for showing me one of their favorite fishing spots.

All Photos shot by: Collin Carlson

Wasatch Fly Expo SF2 Premier

SF2 Premier in SLC at the Art Museum theater at BYU. The film fest was part of the Wasatch fly tying and fishing expo at the Salt Palace in Salt Lake City.
Big Thanks to Colby Crossland, Curtis Fry, Jason Haslam and Nick Jones for helping put on the event and having me come out.
Paul Swint from William Joseph was the proud recipient of a SOULFISH 1 DVD.
Show went well. Everyone had a great time. Lots of and lots of great comments about the new movie. It's was great for me, after all this work, to see it on the big screen and hear the audiences comment and see their reactions. More shows will be popping up over the next couple months. So keep an eye out in a town near you.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

SF2 World Premier-Wasatch Fly Expo

SF2, FISH MODE is officially done!!

Tomorrow night is the World Premier in Salt Lake City. I'll be showing the full movie as part of the Wasatch Fly Tying and Fly Fishing Expo. The movie is showing Thursday night. I'll also be the key note speaker at the Banquet dinner on Friday as well as giving some tying demonstrations on Saturday. Come join us if your in the area.

DVD's will be ready in a couple weeks. Keep an eye out for more showings coming soon to a town near you. More on that later.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Dreaming of Summer

Summer on the East Carson. Hot days, cool nights. Sporadic hatches and prolific wildlife. Bears and snakes and eagles. It's a beautiful way to spend a day. It's getting harder and harder to find solitude on the East Carson though. These days if you want to get away from the crowds you have to hike your butt off over hot rocks, through willow thickets and down dusty trails. And even then, you might still run into some other anglers. On one fine mid summers day Jared Beer, his dog Grizwald and i decided to go for a little hike on down the rivers. After some 4 wheeling to one of our favorite spots, we headed off down the river. As luck would have it, we were the first people to fish that spot for the day. I regimented myself to only fishing with the hopper. Didn't really care how many fish i got this day, just wanted to see one grab that big chunk of foam. We thought for sure it was going to just be game on. Instead, the fishing was slow. We covered pool after pool with nothing more than a couple refusals. Finally we reached one of my favorite pools on the river. It was getting late in the day and the shadows from the big Jeffery pines were creeping down onto the water. I crept to the rivers bank through the willows and roll cast the hopper out onto a slow slick at the back of the pool. I knew there was a big boulder in that spot the fish like to sit around. I watched the drift very carefully until it started to swing. Just then i looked away at Jared on the other side of the river. As i lifted my rod i heard a huge splash. I looked down river just in time to see a huge tail roll out of the water as a massive fish tried for my hopper. OOOhhh. it was a biggin. I sat and waited for about 5 minutes before i cast again. This time the hopper drifted perfectly back over that same area. Wham, with a much smaller splash this time, a huge beak poked out of the water and inhaled my foam hopper. I lifted the rod and he was on. After a nice strong fight, i managed to land one of the most beautiful dry fly caught fish of the summer, for myself, on the Carson River. Managed to snap a few shots before he swam away. Shortly after that fish, Jared hooked into a nice fish on some nymphs in the same pool. I came running up expecting a huge bow. Instead it was a big old Whitey which turned out to be his big fish of the day. Griz gave it a kiss and off it swam too. I'm sure the fish spent the rest of the afternoon down there in the depths swapping abductions stories. I spent the rest of the evening contemplating which fish exaggerated the most about how big the humans they saw were.

Jared and Griz on the EC.
Griz standing at attention, waiting to greet the fish.
Even Griz was reluctant to lick a whitey.
Split wing foam hopper.
Does the trick again.
Love those white tip fins.