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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

SF2 World Premier-Wasatch Fly Expo

SF2, FISH MODE is officially done!!

Tomorrow night is the World Premier in Salt Lake City. I'll be showing the full movie as part of the Wasatch Fly Tying and Fly Fishing Expo. The movie is showing Thursday night. I'll also be the key note speaker at the Banquet dinner on Friday as well as giving some tying demonstrations on Saturday. Come join us if your in the area.

DVD's will be ready in a couple weeks. Keep an eye out for more showings coming soon to a town near you. More on that later.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Dreaming of Summer

Summer on the East Carson. Hot days, cool nights. Sporadic hatches and prolific wildlife. Bears and snakes and eagles. It's a beautiful way to spend a day. It's getting harder and harder to find solitude on the East Carson though. These days if you want to get away from the crowds you have to hike your butt off over hot rocks, through willow thickets and down dusty trails. And even then, you might still run into some other anglers. On one fine mid summers day Jared Beer, his dog Grizwald and i decided to go for a little hike on down the rivers. After some 4 wheeling to one of our favorite spots, we headed off down the river. As luck would have it, we were the first people to fish that spot for the day. I regimented myself to only fishing with the hopper. Didn't really care how many fish i got this day, just wanted to see one grab that big chunk of foam. We thought for sure it was going to just be game on. Instead, the fishing was slow. We covered pool after pool with nothing more than a couple refusals. Finally we reached one of my favorite pools on the river. It was getting late in the day and the shadows from the big Jeffery pines were creeping down onto the water. I crept to the rivers bank through the willows and roll cast the hopper out onto a slow slick at the back of the pool. I knew there was a big boulder in that spot the fish like to sit around. I watched the drift very carefully until it started to swing. Just then i looked away at Jared on the other side of the river. As i lifted my rod i heard a huge splash. I looked down river just in time to see a huge tail roll out of the water as a massive fish tried for my hopper. OOOhhh. it was a biggin. I sat and waited for about 5 minutes before i cast again. This time the hopper drifted perfectly back over that same area. Wham, with a much smaller splash this time, a huge beak poked out of the water and inhaled my foam hopper. I lifted the rod and he was on. After a nice strong fight, i managed to land one of the most beautiful dry fly caught fish of the summer, for myself, on the Carson River. Managed to snap a few shots before he swam away. Shortly after that fish, Jared hooked into a nice fish on some nymphs in the same pool. I came running up expecting a huge bow. Instead it was a big old Whitey which turned out to be his big fish of the day. Griz gave it a kiss and off it swam too. I'm sure the fish spent the rest of the afternoon down there in the depths swapping abductions stories. I spent the rest of the evening contemplating which fish exaggerated the most about how big the humans they saw were.

Jared and Griz on the EC.
Griz standing at attention, waiting to greet the fish.
Even Griz was reluctant to lick a whitey.
Split wing foam hopper.
Does the trick again.
Love those white tip fins.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Tahoe Wild and Scenic Film Fest

Tonight is the annual screening of the Wild and Scenic film festival here in S. Lake Tahoe. This year i'm the featured local film maker and have three short videos playing in the show. The retro intro to SF2, California Green Rush trailer and Mokelumne Wild and Scenic video. Representatives from the Foothill Conservancy will be on hand to collect signatures for the Wild and Scenic petition to try and help save an amazing stretch of river from a proposed huge new dam expansion plan that would destroy that habitat forever.

Here's a link to an article in todays local news paper about the event and my films.

Here's a link to some info on the event being hosted by the Tahoe Resource Conservation District and the Sierra Nevada Alliance.

If you haven't already, please sign the Mokelumne Wild and Scenic petition with the Foothill Conservancy and buy a Mokelumne Wild and Scenic tee shirt to help support the work the foothill conservancy is doing to help save our river.

Hope to see you there.

Snap Shots by Paul Waters

A collections of snap shots by SOULFISH contributing artist Paul Waters from the Pleasanton Fly Fishing show and SF2 preview screening.
Fairbanks rep Jamie Lyle all smiles.
Talking with Jeff Currier in front of his booth as the evening light creeps through the windows.
Richard Anderson of California Fly Fisher.
Jeff Bright, artist and steelhead master.
Lots of laughs and good times at the Hop Yard for the SF2 preview.
The fine art to traditional steelhead flies.
Brent Dawson of War Path Flies.
Loren Elliott came all the way down from Bellingham W.A. to be at the fly show.
The man, the myth the legend, Paul Waters. Paul has been hard at work on some amazing and inspirational art work for the SOULFISH 2 movie. More on that soon.

All photos curtsey of Paul Waters.

Wild on the Fly - Mongolia show

Recently edited an episode for wild on the fly's adventure fly fishing t.v. series hosted by Joe Daniel. The show aired last week on the outdoor channel. If you missed it, keep an eye out for re runs.

There's also a great article about our trip to Mongolia written by Genevieve on the Wild on the Fly website. Have a peak if you get a chance. It's a great story.

Keep an eye out for the full mongolia video story in the upcoming release of SOULFISH 2, FISH MODE. Coming soon.

Pleasanton preview screening

Couple photos from the Pleasanton Fly Fishing show and preview screening of SOULFISH 2, FISH MODE.

SOULFISH 2 Champion Jeff Currier signing books and doing art at the show.
Loren Elliott was there tying flies and giving presentations on Stripe Bass fishing in the surf.
Ben Frumpski and Conway Bowman are all smiles.
Had a great crowd come out to the Hop Yard for the preview show. It was nice to show the movie to a group of friends. Many of whom were part of the making of the movie in one way or another. Big thanks to everyone who attended for their support of the project.
Couldn't imagine a better group of people to see the film for the first time.