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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Middle Fork two-day float trips.

Middle Fork American River Ruck-A-Chuck Falls. Class 5 white water at the end of the upper middle fork run.
Tunnel Chute rapids start off the first day with a good rush. Class 4 white water with class 5 consequences. You've got to have good rafting gear and know what your doing to attempt this one. Keeps most recreational fisherman out of the run.
Last chance drop is a class 3 hole that you have to make just before tunnel chute or you could be in for a very wild swim.
In between rapids theres some great streamer water. Cold clear and full of wild healthy trout. All fishing gear has to be stashed for the bigger rapids.
River camp. Good food, drinks and good times.

The middle for holds a healthy population of wild browns. On the two day float you get to fish the river at the prime times in the evening and mornings.

Lots of beautiful wild rainbows. Hard fighting and fun to catch on streamers or single barbless spinners.
This trip is not recommended for beginner fly-fisherman. You have to be able to throw heavy streamers in fast current while bobbing around in a raft. You have to be able to tie on your own flies and fix your own leaders and tangles. The oars man has to be on the stick at almost all times during this fast paced float. There are times when we can stop and help out with gear. Eddies provide good placement for fishing but navigating current takes almost constant attention from the guide. All we can do is point out the good shots as we go by.

You only have one shot at many of the good seams and riffles. Heavy flies get down in the zone quickest but are hard to throw and can break rods. Another average rainbow taken on my jig nasty streamer fly.
Terry with a nice brown taken on a heavy streamer and sink tip line.
Hard work can sometimes pay off with the fish of a lifetime. The middle fork has the potential to produce such a fish.
My outcast pack 1300 set up.
Gradey and his 13 foot sotar white water raft/fishing set up and another very nice Middle Fork Brown. Up to the second freckle form the shoulder.

I'm now rowing trips with Gradey of Wilderness Adventures. We offer two and three day rafting and fishing trips. Spin or fly, single barbless hook and all catch and release from our boats. Catered grommet food and shuttle service included. $600 per angler for a two day trip. $850 per angler for a 3 day trip. 3 anglers minimum, 6 anglers maximum. Limited dates available depending on flows. Monday-Friday starts only. We can offer exclusive fishing put in and take out options where we don't have to run the Tunnel Chute or Ruck-a-chuck falls. Call us or drop an e-mail to experience this amazing west slope fishery this summer. or