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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Loren's Delta Striper

Loren Elliott loves to catch giant fish on his home tied flies while on his breaks from college.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Huites Bass Club

Here's a note from Richard McPherson from Blue Mule Outfitters about our trip to Huites Bass Club.

I just got back from the best Bass Fishing Lake in the Americas! My friend Mike Wier and I flew down on AeroMexico to Los Mochis last Thursday. We stayed in El Fuerte, at Hotel Posada del Hidalgo for one night, then went to the Lake Huites Bass Club for three days. While we were there, we caught over 120 Large Mouth Bass on fly rods, actually Weir’s second fish was a 10 pounder (more about that later). Several fish were over fiver pounds, with the average about three pounds. These fish aggressively attacked Poppers thrown near the banks and streams fished deep around submerged boulders and flooded trees. After we left the bass club we stayed in Los Mochis at the Hotel Santa Anita. Check out the pdf or my webpage about these great locations and the fabulous Lake Huites Bass Club.

Capt. Richard McPherson
Chasland Enterprises
3318 North 15th Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85015
1(602) 297-1960 office
1(602) 573-6848 cell

Sunday, November 29, 2009


Annual Thanksgiving session with my brother.
Seems to choose to rain on our only day for the past few years. Doesn't stop us from having a good time. It's always fun to spend some time on the Moke and see it's many moods.
A good rain brings all the water loving creatures and plants of the forest to life.
First cast brown trout.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Youv Gatta Big Mouth!

Fresh back from deep in the heart of Mexico with Richard McPherson of Blue Mule Outfitters. Here's a few photos from our trip to tease the imagination.
You've got a Big Mouth Boy!10 lb. LMB Caught on my swamp monster worm fly.
Richard McPherson of Blue Mule Outfitters.
Devil's Creek inlet. Lake Huites is one of the most beautiful lakes i've ever fish for bass in.
Larger side of average. Many thanks for Brent Dawson for his War Path Flies that worked so well here. The Tamahawk dredger was the ticket for getting down fast for those deep laying mid day fish.
The view from Huites Bass Club hotel.
Richard with a nice top water caught fish. Check out the structure in the water and backdrop. It doesn't get any better for bass fishing.
Magic hour on the lake. Mornings and evenings were steller for top water.
Giant Tolapia. Really neat looking fish and great food for Giant Bass.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Bass Fever

Bass Fever is worse than swine flu. It will make you crazy. Casting heavy flies all day, sleeping in your truck, shooting rapids in a canoe. Here's a few shots from a float trip down the lower American River last week. I drifted the river in my canoe with pro snow shred John Jackson. John had a video premier in Sacramento and i was in the area so we decided to go chase some stripers. Did a long mission the first evening after milking a stiff hang over. Only one follow to show for it. It was enough to make us sleep in the truck and do a full day float the next day. Sunrise to Watt. In an evening and another full day, we only hooked a sucker, one steelhead and three stripers. It was allot of cast for so just a few pulls. It was worth every minute. Sorry John, i really wanted to get this shot of you with the striper.

I'm off tomorrow for a few days of bass fishing in Mexico for large mouth.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Fall Browns

Ah, Fall in the sierra means less people, less water, cool colors and brown trout.There's been some great calm sunny days for sight fishing this Fall.
Check out the colors on this guy. He had blue on his back and head. Cool red tip adipose fin.
If you look close there is a dark blob in the water. It's a school of lots and lots of big browns. They are hard to spot in real life too.
Fat moma on here way up stream.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Truckee One Fly Tournament

Here's a couple way overdue shots from the Truckee One Fly Tournament. It was a great event hosted by the UNR Wildlife Society Club at the Nature Conservancy land east of Reno. I think a good time was had by all even though the fishing was a bit tough. I got stoked and managed to land a couple nice fish. Both were exactly 17.5 inches. The first guy here was a real charger. The second bit in the wild horse run. They came down and got a drink right in front of me. That was definitely a highlight. My two fish were good enough for first place. I ended up donating the prize to the Wildlife Society club. It was a last minute decision. There was a couple real nice girls from the club that were my judges and measured my fish. I like to see kids stoked on nature. The prize was an orvis helious rod 5wt and a Battenkill IV reel. They are holding a silent action with it to raise money for the club. I think it closes today though so sorry for the way too late post on this. Just been crazy busy through Oct. so blogging has been minimal.

Here's a link to an article about the event.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Caples Lake

I've been avoiding Caples all summer but finally figured i was due to go check it out.  This past week has been calm sunny mornings.  Perfect conditions for one of my favorite things, sight fishing still waters.  Caples was one of my favorite spots until they drained it this past fall, shocked and relocated most of the fish and pretty much destroyed a huge chunk of the food sources the trout used to thrive on.  As part of their deal though, the EID paid lots of money for lots of big trout to be placed back in the lake over the past few months.  There are plenty of small brookies, Mac's some catchable and sub catchable browns and some HUGE Dobson Rainbows from a private hatchery.  These fish eat a fly well and provide some good sport.  If you have a chance, do yourself a favor and keep an eye on the weather.  If it looks like a sunny day with light wind, grab your 6wt and head up to Caples.  

I like to sight fish from the rocks but stripping streamers from a boat or tube can be productive too.  
I saw lots of big fat rainbows patrolling the shore.  Sometimes they would come in schools of 4 or 5 fish.  There were surprisingly tight lipped though.  For the amount of shot i had, the number of fish hooked was pretty low.  The good thing was that i had almost constant shots.  
Due to the fact that most of the aquatic insects the fish used to eat like Calabeitis and Midges were killed off while draining the lake, the fish haven't really keyed in well on dry flies.  I couldn't get any of them to come up to the surface.  They weren't even looking up at all.  They were eating nymphs pretty well.  I got all my fish on a basic hopper dropper rig with a bead head nymph.  
Sight fishing the rocks is my favorite.  
Lots of big rainbows cursing around.  
The fish were surprisingly leader shy.  I got all my fish on 4x.  You have to set easy and play the fish very gently.  I managed to only land about half the fish i hooked.  The rest broke off.  
Last fish of the day was a killer little brownie.  He didn't look like the planters.  i suspect he was a hold over that managed to elude the shocking crews.  Maybe he can teach the big slobs how to eat dry flies.  

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

FFR 09

Had a fun time at Fly Fishing retailer this year.  Turns out it's going to be the last year in Denver and they are thinking of combining it with Outdoor retailer in SLC.  Could be cool.  

Brent "Fish Pimp" Dawson pimping his fish at the show.  People are really diggin his custom flies.  Check em out at
Mongolia 08 reunion.  Peter and Genevieve and their partner Ken Iwomasa come down to see the new Mongolia video I had in the Drake Film Awards.  Only Currier and Paul were missing.  This exact time last year we were all floating down one of the most remote rivers in the world catching taimen.  It was great to relive those memories and have a get together.  I owe it all to these guys.  
My "River Time Forgot" five minute piece took best story at the Drake event.  It wouldn't have been possible without meeting Peter on that fateful day in a Boulder hotel parking lot.  Next thing i know i'm flying to Ulaan Bataar and i turned out to be one of the best experiences of my life.  
Friday night i did a showing of a longer version of the Mongolia 08 video for Patagonia at their reception.  Shown is Bill Klyn, Peter Mullet, Ken Iwomasa and Brent and i drinking beer.  
Had more beers and fish tacos with Bryan Gregson and Bryan Carter after the show.  Lots of laughs and good fish stories.  

Images curtsey of Brent Dawson.  

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Here's a collection of photos by my friend Paul Waters from a backpacking trip we did in August.  Paul, his friend Farzaneh, and myself hiked up to one of my favorite small high country lakes not far from my house.  I love to fish the high country lakes this time of year because the rivers are getting warm and crowed and fish up there in the cold water will still eat drys.  It's always nice to strap on those boots and head out to some of the seldom seen parts of California.  For years this lake was know for it's golden trout.  Five years ago the lake was stoked with Lahontan Cutthroat trout.  We were hoping to catch and photograph some of the spectacularly colored goldens that i had seen in the past.   For better or worst, i think this lake can be described as a success story for the LCT.  They have managed to not only compete with the goldens but thrive and overtake them.  Last time i was there in 06, we caught around 85% goldens.  The biggest LCT i saw was around 16 inches.  This time we couldn't manage to land a single golden.  It was all LCT.  I spotted a couple goldens but couldn't manage to land any.  There were LCT all over though.  We watched them feeding on a variety of insects and each fish we landed was fat bellied.  Paul and i both landed a fish around 20 inches and saw several others in that same range and bigger.  Surprising to see trout that big at a lake almost 10 thousand feet in elevation.  

We were surprised to see 7 other anglers on their way out.  None reported landing any fish.  This guy said he hooked one but didn't land it.  One of the most spectacular views in the area.  Looking out over Washoe territory on the East Side.  
This couple was hiking the PCT and made a detour to find a good swim and a fish dinner.  
A mid summer swim feels great in the high country.   

Camp.  Leave no trace.  
Lahontan Cutthroat trout.  
I don't keep many fish, but i love a good trout once in a while from a clean high country lake.  This was my one trout for the year.  It's easier to justify keeping one when we saw several nice health mature fish feeding.  They don't have the opportunity to reproduce naturally anymore.  They do however have trucks, helicopters and airplanes these days to help them get around.  Paul and i each kept one and had a killer lunch.  
Cowboy cooking over the campfire.  

Everything taste better at 10,000 feet.  

Plucking a few flies from the Dry Fly box. 
Misty Trail view.  We got caught in a pretty strong hail storm on the walk back. By the time we reached the trial head, some of the peaks in the area had so much hail it looked like snow.  Goes to show  you can't even count of August for dry weather in the up country.  

Burl Style Juniper Trees.  Surviving the elements and thriving in a harsh environment.  These monsters have seen many years pass.  The trail winds though some beautiful old growth.  

Photos curtsey of Paul Waters.