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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Bass Fever

Bass Fever is worse than swine flu. It will make you crazy. Casting heavy flies all day, sleeping in your truck, shooting rapids in a canoe. Here's a few shots from a float trip down the lower American River last week. I drifted the river in my canoe with pro snow shred John Jackson. John had a video premier in Sacramento and i was in the area so we decided to go chase some stripers. Did a long mission the first evening after milking a stiff hang over. Only one follow to show for it. It was enough to make us sleep in the truck and do a full day float the next day. Sunrise to Watt. In an evening and another full day, we only hooked a sucker, one steelhead and three stripers. It was allot of cast for so just a few pulls. It was worth every minute. Sorry John, i really wanted to get this shot of you with the striper.

I'm off tomorrow for a few days of bass fishing in Mexico for large mouth.

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