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Saturday, March 7, 2009

FISH EYE 4 "Through Anglers Eyes"

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California Backcountry- Follow along with David Lass from Trout Unlimited, Bernard Yin from the Fisherman’s spot, Joe Nosek and Mikey Wier on an epic down hike deep into the California Wilderness. Along the journey they encounter bears, sleep on rocks and find some huge trout that have never seen people before. When temped with streams, these fish go crazy. You’ll have to just watch to see what happens next.

Trinity River- The 07/08 steelhead season on the Trinity was Legandary. It was an amazing season that guides and clients will be talking about for years to come. In this installment we were lucky to capture one of the best days of the year with Jon Copeland, Jason Lozano, Kevin Price, Tom Faukner and Slim.

Bass N Fly Challenge- Come ride along on a high speed adventure in the Bass boat of Robert Johnson as he and Mikey Wier compete in the first fly rod only bass competition on the San Joaquin Delta.

Panama- This is a fun, action packed segment filmed during an exploratory fishing and surf expedition through some of the most remote coastlines and outer islands of Panama. Join Mikey as he catches Tuna, Dorado, Skip Jack, Snapper and Roosterfish off the coast and Peacock Bass in the Jungle of this Central American fishing Mecca.

Super Hopper Dropper- This highly instructive and informative segment shows how to rig and fish Mikey’s Super Hopper Dropper set up featuring the Hoppicator and Trout Candy nymph collection. This innovative system will help you fish for Trout more effectively without split shots or conventional indicators.

Trout Tips with T-Bone- Long time fly-fishing guide Trevor Wine gives a guides eye clinic on rigging and fishing a multiple knot hopper double dropper system that is easy to change flies and depths quickly for different river conditions. Learn some of Trevor’s secrets and have a laugh or two in this funny and informative segment.

TU California- Trout Unlimited is a cold water conservation organization working to protect Americas last best places. Check out some of the work the dedicated California Chapter of Trout Unlimited is doing to insure that we will have healthy stocks of fish in their native water for future generations to enjoy.

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Bernard Yin said...

Always a great job Mikey. I found an old logging road access to our spot. That trip could have been a 1hr hike instead of 2 days. Oh well ;)

amadorflyfisher said...


Just picked up "Fish Eye 4" this weekend while in Tahoe. You nailed it again Mikey... My son and I have all ready watched it twice. It is always great watching you do what you do so well. Keep up the great work, and keep it coming Mikey.

I. Kyles
Plymouth, Cal.