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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Mokelumne Wild and Scenic

The Mokelumne River Canyon is no doubt the shineing gem of the Central Sierra's.  Much of Amador County was tamed long ago by Ranchers and Miners, Dams and Flumes but there are still places that are wild, remote and rugged.    The Mokelumne River Canyon from Salt Springs to Hwy 49 has been has been recommended to be classified as Wild and Scenic.  When you spend some time down there and hike away from the road, the noise of the powerhouses and the buzz of the power lines you can start to hear it talk to you.  It's an ancient voice echoed from stone to stone, whispered by the trees and sang by the river.  It's an experience that can't be measured by dollars or by time.  It's a constant and priceless expression of nature and source of wonder, inspiration and awh.  It's a home to wild animals who's lives are dependent on it like a mother.  It carries the water we drink and turns the turbines that make electricity for our homes.   In many way's is the very source of our existence.  The life blood of the land, animals and people of this region.  

I love to visit the Moke in the Spring.   Amador County is alive with flowers and blooming trees. The hills are green and dotted with splashed of bright colorful flowers.  All the animals are out and prowling around and gathering food.  The river is flowing with cold fresh water and the fish are happy and hungry.  Mr. Otther dives down and catches crayfish while the Eagle over head waits for a fleeing fish.  The elated insects dance in the warm air.  Butterflies, Moths and Bees sip from fragrant flowers and flutter in the breeze.  Mayflies hatch from the depths of the cold water.   The lizards and Salamanders along the river wait for the ones the trout miss.  The birds sing, dip, collect and fly.  They are all part of an eternal spring dance. 

Let's show our respect for the Moke and all that it has given this area over the years.  Help organization like the Foothills Conservancy, Friends of the River, Cal Trout, Trout Unlimited, The Sierra Club, the Sierra Nevada Alliance and Oars in their fight to stop the proposed dam expansion project on Pardee and also to ultimately secure a wild and scenic designation for the 37 miles of the Mokeulumne River Canyon that is still free.  This is what's at stake.  

This is just a first cut of a longer video in the works.  More on the way. 

I'm a Brown Trout! 


amadorflyfisher said...


Thanks for getting the word out. And, for the hard work you have put into saving what is left of such a wonderful place.

As an Amador County resident the Moke is my home water, and yours.

From it starting place in the mountains, to lower reaches in the valley. It has given my family and myself meny wonderful memories. From catching its great fish. To relaxing afternoons with the family and dogs, playing at Box Beach. It would be a shame to see one of Amador Counties last open space, and history be lost forever...

Keep us up todate on what is going on. And, I would be happy to help in anyway that I can.

Plymouth, Ca.

Steve Dobson said...

Very effective video of a stunningly beautiful place. Good on you.


Katherine said...

Great post, Mikey -- thanks! Tell your friends to come to the following meetings and speak up ...

Sutter Creek City Council, Monday evening, April 20. Will consider resolution opposing expansion, but we hear they're watering down Jackson's version. They need to hear from Sutter Creek folks.

Plymouth City Council, Thursday evening, April 23. They're hosting an EBMUD presentation before they consider a resolution. Council members really need to hear from locals that protecting the river is important.

Upper Mokelumne River Watershed Authority, Friday April 24, 1 pm, Pardee Center. Should include some EBMUD directors who haven't been to the local hearings. Come and speak up to oppose the Pardee expansion and support protecting the river.


Bernard Yin said...

Always juicy stuff.

Unknown said...

Great work, as always!