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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Cold spring day.

A collection of photos shot by Collin Carlson while on a recent day fishing with him and Paul Swint up in Wyoming.
Fighting a nice bow.
Cheery Chocolate nymph was a slammer in this spot. Couldn't keep those bows off it.

We caught one beautiful bow after another in this spot. They were stacked in this pool.
Got a couple decent splake too. This one grabbed a big streamer fished deep.
Beautiful gill plate coloring.
Paul Swint from William Joseph with a nice bow.
The man, Collin Carlson with another of his many nice rainbows.
Yep, you guessed it, another rainbow trout.
Man this was a cold day. At some points were waded through knee to waist deep snow just to get to fishing spots. Had to break ice off the guides of the rod every few casts. Brutal cold conditions but worth it 100%. Big thanks to Collin and Paul for showing me one of their favorite fishing spots.

All Photos shot by: Collin Carlson

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