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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Hello Friends of FISH EYE and BURL Productions. I'd like to take a second to tell you about a new movie project I'm working on called CALI RUSH. CALI RUSH Movie is a celebration of California and some of it's most adventurous and talented athletes, spectacular landscapes and diverse wildlife. The movie features athletes who are in search of the Ultimate rush as well as a more harmonious relationship with the Natural world through sports, lifestyle, recreation and environmental technology. Join this modern day tribe of adventurers as they explore some of California's most wild and beautiful places in search of epic conditions and the ultimate ride. CALI RUSH features all human-powered sports that work in harmony with the flows of nature, don't rely on gasoline and create the least amount of impact. This HD multi sports adventure movie follows the changing of the seasons through some of California's most wild and beautiful places and highlights some of the burliest action sports and progressive athletes our state has to offer.

I've been working on this movie project for over 3 years now from concept to execution. It's been a fun but huge and sometime overwhelming task to gather all this footage. I've filmed a good portion of the movie myself and the rest is footage i'm buying from other film makers who specialize in the the different sports we're featuring. CALI RUSH is like a California Adventure Film Festival all rolled into one package. The Movie is broken up into 12 different chapters that represent the different months of the year. Each chapter features a different sport and location.

We would really appreciate the support from the fans of BURL Productions. Writing, Filming, Directing and Producing movies like SOULFISH and CALI RUSH is not easy. Luckily most of the hard work for CALI RUSH Movie is already done. We have all of our footage and are in the post production phase now. So far this project has been independently funded. I personally have hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars invested. I've had to keep working full time and fund the film through BURL Productions, which is one of the reasons it's taken so long to complete. Now we are at a stage where i need some help. Please take a minute to check out our kickstarter page. This is an independent funding platform for creative projects such as this collaborative movie. You can pre order a DVD or Download, poster, shirt or another of the great rewards from the site. It's going to be a great movie and i'm sure you won't regret owning a copy. You can also become an associate producer of this creative project or sign on as a sponsor and marketing partner. With your help we can Kickstart finish this one of a kind movie.

The target dollar amount of our kickstarter goal is the minimum we need at this point to finish the film. The money is going to finishing the final edit which, is already over half way done. Then paying the rest of the additional footage and music licenses, graphic design for box, poster and shirts, motion graphics, color correction, final audio mix, master render and finally some DVD's, Marketing and web updates. Additional funds raised will go to kicking off a tour for the movie. The more we get, the better the venues will be and the better the bands we can bring in. We plan on having an art show at most venues and many of the shows will also feature live music or a DJ set. Our goal is to bring together the outdoor community for celebrations of California's art, music, sports and natural environment which makes it possible for us all to live the dream.

Please take a moment to check out our page and make a pledge if your situation allows.

Thanks for your support. Please share this kickstarter link with as many friends as possible. You can also check out our new website at and like us on Facebook.

Mike E. Wier