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Friday, August 6, 2010

American Float

This summer i was invited on a float with Wilderness Adventures on the Middle Fork of the American River. They offer white water rafting trips on some of the best rivers around Northern California. This trip they wanted to explore some of the fishing opportunities in the MF canyon so they invited some fishing professionals including Ralph and Lisa Cutter, Cal Kellog the editor of the Fish Sniffer Magazine as well as myself and 8 other spin fisherman.
Ralph and Lisa staying calm in the tunnel shoot rapid as guide Grady pulls the oars.
Brian rows Cal and his niece down the gnar gnar.
Whip Tail Lizard. They are the fastest lizards in California.
Ralph and Lisa casting into a beautiful pool.
My first rainbow on the Middle American.
Ralph and Lisa bombing out some perfect casts.
On day two i got a really nice brown. We were the last boat so 9 spin fisherman had just hit this water right before i floated through and got this girl on a size 2 jig head streamer i tied up.
Ralph enjoying a killer spread of great food. We were totally spoiled for two days.
Grady in the heavy water of Rucka Chucky Falls. He lost an oar on this one but made it though alright.


c j j said...

So who won? the fly-guys or the spin-guys?


Looks like a nice trip Mikey. Glad you survived those rapids.

Burl Productions said...

Spin guys caught way more fish. I ended up with the biggest fish of the trip though!

Bjornorama said...

I got to fish there right below tunnel chute once. Some nice looking water. Even caught some fish. Also hit the public water below Ox Bow dam and found some rising fish.

That rafting looks nucking futs though...

Anonymous said...

Mikey, sick pics brother, I love it! Fish are allot larger than my small fish at my cabin. Need to get off my ass and land some brutes.
Be well.

Troutdawg said...


Another great looking float trip!

Tommy Dargie said...

Awesome area I used to fish it very often. I have been caught a couple of times hiking down and fishing the tunnel chute. I use to hike the 4 miles from ruck a chuck to fords bar like once or twice a week during the summer. You can even hike in from the foresthill dump and access the western states trail and end up down below cash bar by the old powerhouse close to dardenella creek, sometimes I would pack in a float tube with me and float it from dardenella to above ruck a chuck. I have caught westslope cuts in the MFF canyon.