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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fathers Day Trip

So the fishing has been super good this summer. I've been guiding a ton and spending as much time as possible out on the water. That's why i haven't had allot of extra time to update the blog. So i'm trying to make up for it a bit by posting a bunch of back logged photo reports from this summer now that things are slowing down a bit.

Here's some photos from a fun canoe trip i took with my dad for fathers day up at Bear River.
Nice bow on a nymph.
Big brother bow.
In the spring and early summer the lady beetles congregate and mate. Here's a little singles mixer happening on my Galvan Torque.
My Dad and my canoe set up. Great for two people and camping gear. Super stealth and eco friendly access. Great to fish out of. Love it.
When you spend allot of time out doors and doing crazy stuff every once in a while your going to get taxed. This time a rock jumped out and whacked me in the face when i was trying to dive into the lake. I was just diving in to go swim over and jump off a big rock and made the mistake of jumping right into the afternoon glare. Luckily some other campers lent me some bandaids.


Anonymous said...

Yes at some point in the future the gene pool will improve!

Burl Productions said...
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Burl Productions said...

I'm not super smart after hitting my head and all but i think that's a crack at me.....What a duche. If you don't like me, why would you read my blog? Seems like there's lots of other cool things on the internet to hate on. Like people who leave trash on the river and corporations that disrespect the environment.

Live a little. Take bigger risks than trying a new restaurant once in a while. You might actually feel alive. Cliff diving is super fun but it's never a sure thing. Always a good idea to test landing zones first. Get caught slipping and you will pay the price. This was a stupid accident and I deserve some heckling. Scared the crap out of my dad. It was clear on both sides and i hit the one rock hiding in the glare. Never jump somewhere you can't totally see. I've taken allot of risks in my life. Sometime just a small mistake can cost big time. I got off easy really.


Glad you're alright Mikey. Looks like you guys caught some nice bows. Can't think of a better way to spend Father's Day. I've been wanting a canoe for a long time. Awesome post--can't wait for Soulfish 2.

Nathan Ira said...

Sounds like an epic trip with your paps! Nice! Glad you didn't get wrecked too bad!

Don't sweat the trolls. Too big of a sack to even put his name behind his comment. Typical, spineless little weenie. Must be bummed that you had a good day with your dad catching some REALLY nice bows. Keep livin'.