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Thursday, September 16, 2010

SOULFISH 2 Intro shoot

Some photos from a film shoot earlier this week. We decided to shoot a super classic retro 1950's fly fishing scene for the opener. Ralph and Lisa Cutter came down and Ralph was my subject. We did the filming at Pleasant Valley Fly Fishing preserve managed by Jim Crouse. Dave Stanley from the Reno Fly Shop lent us some antique fly gear. Old bamboo rod, silk line, hardy reel and some old fly boxes. My friend Kyle Schwartze did the principal filming and Sean Davis ran the camera crane. Jared Beer from the Tahoe fly fishing outfitters brought his dog, Doc Girzwald to help with the shoot too. A good time was had by all.
Ralph and Griz in the 51 ford.
Kyle and Sean getting the shot while i direct the scene.
Super classic!
Beautiful vistas at Pleasant Valley. What a great place to visit for any reason. It's a private stretch of stream. Pay to play fishery. The rod fee is $95 per day. I guide out there regularly if anyone is interested. It's only 75 if you go with a guide. Best fishing is early summer. Water is a bit low right now, but the fishing is still pretty fun. If your interested contact Jim Crouse at
Ralph runs through it.
10 and 2 Norman...10 and 2.

Ralph killed it with the old bamboo rod. Managed to pluck a heafty trout on a royal wolf dry fly. The film looks epic! Check out Ralphs site, if you haven't already and buy a book or video. He's one hell of a good fisherman and a skilled writer and camera man. I highly recommend Ralph's books, video and school. Do yourself a favor and check it out today.

Keep an eye out for SOULFISH 2. Coming this winter.


Lazy Lopez said...

Ooohhhh. Can't wait!

Crazy Uncle Larry said...

Killer dude. Looks like a rad time.