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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Flying in.

Last Fall i had a really fun adventure to Mexico with Richard McPherson from Blue Mule Outfitters in phenix arizona. In addition to running a killer fly fishing travel and guide service, Richard is a pilot and owns his own plane. I'd been telling him about a remote air strip near one of the rivers i fish for several months. This past couple days Richard and his buddy Rusty finally came out to visit me.

Richard took me on a little flight from Markleville to Tahoe. The airport is just right down the road from my house.
Tahoe is so beautiful. There was a pretty stiff breeze so crossing over the mountains was a bit wobbly.
Parked the plane and walked down to the River. I kept telling them how remote this place was and how we'd probably have it all to ourselves. Wouldn't you know it, everyone else thought the same dame thing. Saw more people on this section of river on a random monday in Sept. than i've ever seen in a couple decades of fishing down there.
Still managed to get a few fish to come up for dries despite the crowd. Nice little rainbow buddy.
So on day two we found some river that we had all to ourselves. No net so i helped Rusty land a couple of his bigger fish.
This brown moved 4 feet to grab my cherry chocolate nymph.
Rusty with a nice one!
We could see these two big rainbows hanging out together in the tail out of a big pool.
Rusty got the male and i got his big fat girlfriend. What a great couple days with a super fun couple guys. We had a blast. Thanks Richard and Rusty for a great time. Keep an eye out for Richard and I's adventure catching Large Mouth Bass in Mexico in SOULFISH 2.

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