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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Small Creek and Dap rodding

This summer i had the opportunity to guide Chuck Cook, the Director of the Nature Conservancy and some of his associates for a couple days. One of the venues we stopped at was a small creek i sometimes like to fish in the spring near hopevalley.
Chuck and his friends raised many small trout to dry flies. Here's Chuck with his cigar.
Along the way upstream we ran into a couple guys from the valley Dap rodding. This guy had a 20 foot rod on a 2 foot wide creek. The rod telescoped and only had a 3 foot piece of line on the end. No casting involved. Just lean it over and place the bait or lure in the water. Too bad these guys were fishing worms. Would have been way cooler with flies.
Nice little trout fry enjoying the slow moving side water in a beaver pond. He was too small to be messed with by the baiters. Better hide when the otter or osprey come by though.

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